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Knit It, Braid It, Turn It on And Use It!

Treating Aortic Aneurysms Through Virtual Reality

Computerized Cognitive Training Improves Childhood Cancer Survivors' Attention And Memory

'Beeting' High Altitude Symptoms with Beet Juice
Medicine & Health »RSS

Schizophrenia Symptoms Linked to Features of Brain's Anatomy?

2 hours ago − Washington University School of Medicine
• Lower Systolic Blood Pressure Reduces Risk of Hypertension Complication − 2 hours ago
• Patients Using Nurse Practitioners Are Less Likely to Have Avoidable Hospital Admissions − 2 hours ago
• Drop Off Feared in the Number of Physicians Conducting Research − 2 hours ago
• Intra-uterine Surgery for At-risk Fetuses − 2 hours ago
• For One Researcher, a Love for Science Is in the Blood − 2 hours ago
• TAK-733 Shows Challenge of Using a Promising Drug in the Human Body − 2 hours ago
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Nature & Earth »RSS

Scientists to Discuss Global Threats from Climate Change in the Arctic

2 hours ago − Woods Hole Research Center
• In Dryland African Regions, Limiting Wildlife Water Access Can Reduce Water Quality − 2 hours ago
• NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP Spots Twenty-fifth Tropical Depression in Northwestern Pacific − 2 hours ago
• NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP Gets an Infrared Look at Tropical Storm Nora − 2 hours ago
• NASA Sees Birth of Tropical Storm Koppu in Northwestern Pacific − 2 hours ago
• New Research Maps Areas Most Vulnerable to Ocean Acidification − 2 hours ago
• Marine Mathematics Helps to Map Undiscovered Deep-water Coral Reefs − 6 hours ago
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Most Popular »

Supercoiled DNA Is Far More Dynamic Than the 'Watson-Crick' Double Helix


Researchers Build a Digital Piece of Brain


Scientists Find DNA Is Packaged Like a Yoyo


Researcher Controls Colleague's Motions in First Human Brain-to-brain Interface


The Physics of Going Viral


Enzymes Allow DNA to Swap Information with Exotic Molecules


Brain Develops Abnormally over Lifespan of People Who Stutter


Metabolism in the Brain Fluctuates with Circadian Rhythm


Dielectric Film Has Refractive Index Close to Air
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a dielectric film that has optical and electrical properties similar to air, but is strong enough to be incorporated into electronic…

How Hallucinations Emerge from Trying to Make Sense of an Ambiguous World
Take a look at the black and white image. It probably looks like a meaningless pattern of black and white blotches. But now take a look at the image…

More Extreme Weather Projected in the Amazon Could Have Global Climate Consequences
A new paper co-authored by WHRC scientists Philip Duffy and Paulo Brando evaluates the accuracy of current climate models and uses them to project future drought and wet periods…

New Oregon Approach for 'Nanohoops' Could Energize Future Devices
EUGENE, Ore. -- Oct. 12, 2015 -- When Ramesh Jasti began making tiny organic circular structures using carbon atoms, the idea was to improve carbon nanotubes being developed for…

Smithsonian Scientists Say Vines Strangle Carbon Storage in Tropical Forests
Although useful to Tarzan, vines endanger tropical forests' capacity to store carbon. In a major experimental study in Panama, Smithsonian researchers showed that woody vines, or lianas, slow tropical…

To Reach CO2, Energy Goals, Combine Technologies with Stable Policies: World Electricity Firms
An association of the world's leading electricity firms today lit a picture of a future high-tech enabled world energy mix that would help nations meet climate-related CO2 reduction pledges…

Babies Need Free Tongue Movement to Decipher Speech Sounds
Inhibiting infants' tongue movements impedes their ability to distinguish between speech sounds, researchers with the University of British Columbia have found. The study is the first to discover a…

'Beeting' High Altitude Symptoms with Beet Juice
Ever since human beings first began climbing the world's tallest mountains, they have struggled with a basic problem: altitude sickness, caused by lower air pressures which affect the ability…

Carnegie Mellon Biophysicist Obtains First Experimental Evidence of Pressure Inside the Herpes Virus
PITTSBURGH - Herpes viruses are like tiny powder kegs waiting to explode. For more than 20 years scientists suspected that herpes viruses were packaged so full of genetic material…

Fruit Fly Pheromone Flags Great Real Estate for Starting a Family
In what they say was a lucky and unexpected finding, researchers at Johns Hopkins say they've discovered that male fruit flies lay down an odorant, or pheromone, that not…
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Biology »RSS

Plant Hormone 'Switch' Unravels Chromatin to Form Flowers, Penn Biologists Find

2 hours ago − University of Pennsylvania
• How the Brain Controls Sleep − 2 hours ago
• Straight Up, with a Twist: New Model Derives Homochirality from Basic Life Requirements − 2 hours ago
• Natural Metabolite Might Reset Aging Biological Clocks − 6 hours ago
• Re-thinking Plant And Insect Diversity − 6 hours ago
• Feasts And Food Choices: The Culinary Habits of the Stonehenge Builders − 6 hours ago
• New Research Sees Zebrafish Earn Their Stripes in the Fight Against Muscular Dystrophy − 6 hours ago
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Technology & Engineering »RSS

Think Twice About Android Root

2 hours ago − University of California - Riverside
• New Research Method Identifies Stealth Attacks on Complicated Computer Systems − 6 hours ago
• New Tool: How to Get Meaningful Information Out of Big Data − 6 hours ago
• With This New Universal Wireless Charger, Compatibility Won't Be an Issue − 6 hours ago
• Toward Clearer, Cheaper Imaging of Ultrafast Phenomena − 6 hours ago
• A Resonator for Electrons − 6 hours ago
• Building a Better Liposome − 6 hours ago
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Space & Planetary »RSS

Pebbles on Mars Likely Traveled Tens of Miles Down a Riverbed, Penn Study Finds

6 hours ago − University of Pennsylvania
• SwRI-led Study Finds That a Comet's Tail May Shed Light on Solar Wind Heating − 2 hours ago
• Researchers Discover Distant Galactic Halos − 2 hours ago
• Hubble's Planetary Portrait Captures Changes in Jupiter's Great Red Spot − 2 hours ago
• Young Stars' Flickering Light Reveals Remarkable Link with Matter-eating Black Holes − 2 hours ago
• Climate Models Used to Explain Formation of Mars Valley Networks − 6 hours ago
• VLA Reveals Spectacular 'Halos' of Spiral Galaxies − 6 hours ago
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Psychology »RSS

Health Care, Research Failing to Adapt to US's Growing Multiracial Population

6 hours ago − University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• In a Negative Emotional Climate, Romantic Partners May Miss Attempts to Warm Things Up! − 2 hours ago
• Research Shows Diversity Can Improve Stores' Sales Performance − 6 hours ago
• Cultural Blunders Make People Better Thinkers − 2 hours ago
• Workplace Mentors Benefit Female Employees More Than Men − 6 hours ago
• Have You Got the X Factor? Psychologists Find That You May Be Musical And Not Even Know It − 6 hours ago
• 'I Am Right for Your Child!' - the Key to Winning over Your Future In-laws − 6 hours ago
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Physics & Chemistry »RSS

One Direction: Researchers Grow Nanocircuitry with Semiconducting Graphene Nanoribbons

2 hours ago − Argonne National Laboratory
• On the Precision Frontier: A New Calculation Holds Promise for New Physics − 2 hours ago
• Nanobots: The Rise of the Molecular Machines − 2 hours ago
• A Particle Purely Made of Nuclear Force − 6 hours ago
• U Researchers Create Light Emitting Diodes from Food And Beverage Waste − 6 hours ago
• Just a Touch of Skyrmions − 6 hours ago
• Scientific Breakthrough Can Lead to Cheaper And Environmentally Friendly Solar Cells − 6 hours ago
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Economics & Sociology »RSS

If You Made Money Buying a First Home in 2000s, You Probably Weren't Black

6 days ago − Johns Hopkins University
• Finance: Belief in Higher Returns from Private Equity May Be Misplaced − 6 hours ago
• Social-media Messages in China Censored, New Research Reveals − 6 hours ago
• Trends in Travel over 5 Decades: We're Traveling Farther but Not More Often − Yesterday
• Renewables And Consumer Choices Key to Sustainable Energy Use in EU's Food Sector − 5 days ago
• College Labor Market Still in High Gear − 5 days ago
• Mormon + Mormon = Higher Home Price − 6 days ago
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Archaeology & Anthropology »RSS

First Ancient Genome Recovered from the Mediterranean Area

1 months ago − Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
• Frankfurt Archaeologists Discover 'Roman Village' in Gernsheim − 26 days ago
• Ancient Genomes Link Early Farmers to Basques − 1 months ago
• Stonehenge Researchers Find 'Largest' Prehistoric Stone Monument − 1 months ago
• How to Find Out About the Human Mind Through Stone − 20 days ago
• Ancient New Guinea Pot Makers Surprising Innovation − 1 months ago
• Skeletons Found in Mass Graves Are Those of 17th Century Scottish Soldiers − 1 months ago
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